August 23, 2017
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GLAAD head: Trump's call for tolerance is 'downright laughable'

GLAAD head: Trump's call for tolerance is 'downright laughable'Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of GLAAD, said it is “downright laughable” for President Trump to call for a “love of all people” given his administration’s policies.

Gunman opens fire at Ohio judge, who takes out gun and fires back

Gunman opens fire at Ohio judge, who takes out gun and fires backThe judge was wounded, and the suspect killed, in an 8am shoot out. Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr was heading to work at a courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio, where he had worked for 20 years, when he was attacked by a lone gunman. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said the suspect in Monday's shooting waited in a car outside the courthouse for almost an hour before Mr Bruzzese arrived.

Some anchors throw shade at eclipse

Some anchors throw shade at eclipseMonday’s total solar eclipse captivated the nation and dominated news coverage, but not every anchor was as delighted, or even interested, as their audience.

Ten sailors missing after USS John S. McCain collides with oil tanker near Singapore

Ten sailors missing after USS John S. McCain collides with oil tanker near SingaporeDivers have found the remains of some of the 10 sailors who went missing when a US destroyer collided with a tanker off Singapore, the navy said Tuesday, the latest deadly accident involving an American warship. The US Navy has announced a fleet-wide global investigation after the incident Monday involving the USS John S. McCain and the merchant vessel, which left a gaping gash in the destroyer’s hull.

Young Mother Crushed to Death Hours After Giving Birth When Hospital Elevator Malfunctions: Reports

Young Mother Crushed to Death Hours After Giving Birth When Hospital Elevator Malfunctions: ReportsRocio Cortes Nunez, 25, had just given birth to her third child when she was killed in a freak hospital accident.

Energy Transfer sues Greenpeace over Dakota pipeline

Energy Transfer sues Greenpeace over Dakota pipelineEnergy Transfer Partners LP on Tuesday sued Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching an "eco-terrorism" campaign aimed at blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline, the center of months of opposition by Native American and green groups. The pipeline operator said Greenpeace, Earth First and other organizations engaged in "acts of terrorism" to solicit donations and interfere with its pipeline construction activities, damaging its "critical business and financial relationships." ETP said the groups' actions and negative publicity against it, its sister company Energy Transfer Equity LP and other firms caused billions of dollars in damages. Greenpeace USA General Counsel Tom Wetterer said the company's lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court in Bismarck, North Dakota, "abuse(d) the legal system to silence legitimate advocacy work." In May the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline began interstate crude oil delivery, but a federal appeals court judge in June ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider its environmental review of the line, opening up the possibility that the line could be shut at a later date.

US Embassy in Russia stops issuing tourist visas for 8 days

US Embassy in Russia stops issuing tourist visas for 8 daysMOSCOW (AP) — In a step that could affect hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists, the U.S. Embassy in Russia said Monday it would suspend issuing nonimmigrant visas for eight days from Wednesday in response to the Russian decision to cap embassy staff.

Chelsea Manning Has Epic Response To Tweeter Who Wants Her 'Shot For Treason'

Chelsea Manning Has Epic Response To Tweeter Who Wants Her 'Shot For Treason'Former Army intelligence analyst and transgender activist Chelsea Manning responded in the best way Monday night to a violent message she received on Twitter.

Nikki Haley: I had a 'personal conversation' with Trump about Charlottesville

Nikki Haley: I had a 'personal conversation' with Trump about CharlottesvilleOn CNN Tuesday morning, Haley declared, “There is no room for hate in this country” and said she had shared her views on Charlottesville with the president.

India's top court bans Islamic instant divorce

India's top court bans Islamic instant divorceIndia's top court on Tuesday banned a controversial Islamic practice that allows men to divorce their wives instantly, ending a long tradition that many Muslim women had fiercely opposed. The Supreme Court ruled that the practice of "triple talaq", whereby Muslim men can divorce their wives by reciting the word talaq (divorce) three times, was both unconstitutional and un-Islamic. Victims including Shayara Bano, whose husband used triple talaq to divorce her in 2015, had approached India's highest court to ask for a ruling.

How Astronauts on the International Space Station Are Watching the Solar Eclipse

How Astronauts on the International Space Station Are Watching the Solar EclipseAstronauts are gearing up to watch the eclipse from space

All of the wheels, all of the power; meet the new 2018 BMW M5

All of the wheels, all of the power; meet the new 2018 BMW M5Perhaps you've heard rumors that the new BMW M5 would be all-wheel drive. BMW on Monday confirmed all of the above. The automaker announced that the 2018 BMW M5 will arrive in the U.S. next year—sometime after February, but before June—to patient hands willing to likely pay more than six figures for the privilege.

Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrage

Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrageA horrifying image of a schoolboy being dragged to a violent death in a dirty alleyway has galvanised the Philippines against a brutal state-led war on drugs that has killed over 12,500 people in the last year. For a nation now largely immune to the bloodied corpses of alleged small time drugs users and dealers dumped on the streets, the graphic reports of the final moments of Kian Delos Santos, 17, who was allegedly shot three times by undercover police officers, have been too much to bear. His killing last week has united the public, senior politicians and the Catholic Church into the most significant sweep of mass protests since President Rodrigo Duterte pushed for a savage crackdown on drugs after his election last June. Most of the 12,500 casualties have been killed by masked assassins.  An estimated 3,500 have been killed in police shoot-outs, which officers often claim were self-defence. Protesters wearing masks depicting victims of extra judicial killings taking part in a demonstration against the killings of suspected drug users in Manila Credit: AFP In the case of Delos Santos, the police initially claimed he had fired first. But their story was contradicted by witnesses and CCTV footage that showed the teenager being dragged down alleyways into a dead-end corner where he was asked to run with a gun, and shot when he did. He was heard screaming “Please can I go home, I have school tomorrow.” Delos Santos is one of 81 people killed last week during mass police raids in what was the bloodiest period of the drugs war so far. His bullet-ridden, semi-naked body was found in a foetal position with a gun in his hand.   Speaking to Rappler news, his parents, Saldy and Lorenza, said he was a well-behaved teenager who loved watching YouTube and who helped with the family shop. His only vice was eating cheese-flavoured crisps. Protesters display placards and candles outside the wake for slain Delos Santos Credit: AP On the night he died, his father gave him a prescient warning to come home early. “You know how it is on our street, it could be dangerous,” Saldy said. Images of his devastated parents, comforting each other by his open casket have since dominated the local media. “I need to speak up for my son,” Lorenza told reporters. Saldy Delos Santos hit out at police attempts to smear his son’s name by alleging he was a drugs runner. “We are the victims here. We are the ones you should help,” he said. Several children have been caught in the crossfire of the drugs war, but the killing of Delos Santos has resonated in a way that none other has done before. Saldy Delos Santos comforts his son's girlfriend at his wake  Credit: AP Church leaders have led the outcry, pledging to ring church bells every evening in protest. The senate has launched an inquiry into the escalation in killings, and people have gathered in candlelit vigils. Vice-president Leni Robredo, said Delos Santos could have been her own child. “How many Kians have we had? How many more Kians will follow?” she asked. Three police officers, suspected of the murder, are currently in custody while the case is probed. Mr Duterte’s hardline stance wavered on Monday when he said if they were guilty they would “rot in jail.” Meanwhile the poignancy of his son’s future ambitions are not lost on Delos Santos’ father. “They killed an innocent child. And to think, he wanted to be a policeman,” he said.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Everything We Know

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Everything We KnowWe can't wait for this truck.

Treasury secretary's wife apologizes for Instagram sniping

Treasury secretary's wife apologizes for Instagram snipingThe flap erupted after Mnuchin's wife, Scottish-born actress Louise Linton, posted a photo of herself emerging from the aircraft wearing a white outfit and sunglasses, using the hashtags "#tomford," "#hermesscarf" and "#valentino," according to images of the Monday evening post on social media. In her initially vitriolic response to the "deplorable" criticism, Linton had lashed out about how much she and her husband contribute to the economy and pay in taxes.

Trump administration halts research on mountaintop coal mining's health effects

Trump administration halts research on mountaintop coal mining's health effectsDonald Trump’s Department of the Interior has told the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to stop studying the effects of coal mining on health. A branch of the interior department – the office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement – was funding an inquiry into the potential correlation between increased human health risks and living near surface coal mine sites in Central Appalachia. Coal mining in Central Appalachia, where the committee’s work is focused, includes mountaintop removal in which peaks have been blasted off.

Plymouth Long Beach Temporarily Closed After Shark Sighting

Plymouth Long Beach Temporarily Closed After Shark SightingFollowing the sighting Plymouth Long Beach, Massachusetts was closed for a few hours. Sunday's was the first shark sighting off the beach in 2017.

Trump’s Presidential Afghanistan Speech

Trump’s Presidential Afghanistan SpeechDetails may be slim, but the president nailed the "why" of America's longest war — and boldly went against his political base.

Spain attacks: The imam who 'ate up the brains' of youths

Spain attacks: The imam who 'ate up the brains' of youthsA dead Moroccan imam has become a key target of the probe into Spain's twin terror attacks, suspected of having created the cell in a picturesque town near the Spanish Pyrenees that allegedly launched the deadly assaults last week. The blast likely changed the plans of the attackers, who instead used vehicles to smash into pedestrians on Barcelona's busy Las Ramblas boulevard and in the seaside resort town of Cambrils. "On Tuesday morning, he left saying he was going on vacation to Morocco," said fruit-seller Nordeen El Haji, 45, who four months ago moved into the apartment that Satty occupied in Ripoll.

Men Partially Blinded From A Solar Eclipse Warn Others To Watch Safely

Men Partially Blinded From A Solar Eclipse Warn Others To Watch SafelyThat’s how long two Oregon men say they looked at a partial solar eclipse with their naked eyes 55 years ago before it burned their retinas, causing permanent blindness.

Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China

Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is ChinaOne U.K.-based consultancy predicts that by 2021 Taiwan will have the world's biggest talent deficit

Barcelona attack: Suspects were planning to bomb Sagrada Familia and other major monuments

Barcelona attack: Suspects were planning to bomb Sagrada Familia and other major monumentsThe Barcelona terror cell behind last week's van attack planned to use explosives against major monuments including the city's famous Sagrada Familia church, one of the suspects has told a court. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, 21, who survived an explosion at an alleged bomb factory the day before the van atrocities said the Islamist gang had been preparing “an attack of larger dimensions”. He had known of the plans for an attack "at least two months ago", he added. A Spanish High Court judge last night jailed two of the four suspects, Chemlal and Driss Oukabir, charged with membership of a terrorist organisation, murder and possession of explosives. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, one of four arrested in relation to the terrorist attacks in Catalonia is taken to the Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid Credit: EFE A third suspect, Salh El Karib, who ran an internet cafe in the town of Ripoll, where most of the members of the cell lived, was remanded in police custody pending further investigation. The fourth suspect, Mohamed Aalla, will be released on certain conditions. Chemlal, who was injured when an explosion ripped through a house in the town of Alcanar, south of Barcelona, last Wednesday, appeared yesterday at the National Court in Madrid, still dressed in blue hospital pyjamas. The blast is believed to have killed two other members of the cell, including the imam thought to be the mastermind behind the plot, which left 15 people dead and scores injured. The court yesterday heard that a plane ticket to Brussels belonging to the imam, Abdelbaki Es Satty, was found in the rubble of the house. An Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant document was also found at the site of the blast. Spanish Civil Guards escort a man accused of involvement in the Spanish Islamist cell Credit: JUAN MEDINA/Reuters Isil claimed responsibility for the van attack that and a separate deadly assault, hours later, in the coastal resort of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. Earlier, it emerged that Es Satty, a Moroccan national, was told he was to be expelled from Spain, after leaving prison in April 2014 following a conviction for drug smuggling. But the Islamic preacher, 42, won an appeal against the decision by convincing a judge his forced deportation was not in line with international law. Terror in Spain: Dozens killed and injured in Barcelona and Cambrils Chemlal told the court the terrorist cell had been building bombs in the house, but their plans were foiled when an explosion tore through the property, killing two of his co-conspirators, including Es Satty. Chemlal told the judge the imam had wanted to blow himself up while two other suspects "blamed the imam for the plot while another two denied knowing him", a judicial source said. It was also claimed that Driss Oukabir, the older brother of one of the dead terrorists, told the investigating judge that he had hired the vans used in the attacks. Younes Abouyaaqoub was shot dead in a dramatic end to a massive manhunt Credit: EPA/SPANISH MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR Last week, he reportedly told police his ID and documents had been stolen by his brother, Moussa, 17, but it is now understood that while he admits hiring the vans, he will claim he thought they were to be used for removals. There is mounting anger in Spain over claims that Es Satty should not have even been in the country. He was jailed for four years in 2010 after being caught smuggling hashish between Morocco and Spain. Police: Suspect in Barcelona van attack shot dead 00:48 While in prison, it is thought he ­became close to Rachid Aglif, aka The Rabbit, one of the ringleaders of the 2004 Madrid train bombings which left 192 people dead. In line with Spanish immigration laws, as a foreign-born national who had been convicted and sentenced to more than a year in prison, Es Satty should have been expelled from the country on his release from jail. But he challenged the ruling and managed to persuade a judge that deportation would breach his international rights. Terror timeline - Ramming attacks involving vehicles

US cuts, delays $300 million in aid to Egypt, citing rights

US cuts, delays $300 million in aid to Egypt, citing rightsWASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Tuesday cut nearly $100 million in military and economic aid to Egypt and delayed almost $200 million more in military financing to Egypt, pending human rights improvements and action to ease harsh restrictions on civic and other non-governmental groups. The moves underscore the administration's delicate diplomacy with Egypt, which has been widely criticized for its rights record and yet is a staunch counterterrorism partner.

France ditches plans to give Macron's wife paid role after backlash

France ditches plans to give Macron's wife paid role after backlashThe office of President Emmanuel Macron rowed back on Monday from plans to give his wife Brigitte Macron a formal, paid role, after a public backlash which threatened to undermine his broader agenda of change and modernization. In a statement, the presidency said Brigitte Macron would carry out "certain tasks" on behalf of the state, but would not get a salary, budget or separate office, instead working out of the Elysee Palace. More than 220,000 people signed a petition against the initial plans for her position, accusing President Macron of nepotism.

Solar eclipse 2017: Aerial photos show staggering number of people gathering in Oregon to see event

Solar eclipse 2017: Aerial photos show staggering number of people gathering in Oregon to see eventThousands of people have descended on Oregon to witness the total solar eclipse, with the state first to witness the “line of totality” where the sun appears completely covered by the moon. Oregon State Police have been documenting the increase in traffic across Oregon since last week, showing aerial pictures of a 15-mile stretch of backed up traffic on Thursday as people travelled to the state to be ready for the eclipse. On Sunday aerial shots from Prineville Police Department showed the staggering size of the crowds gathered at the Symbiosis Gathering, also called the Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017, taking place on the Big Summit Prairie, and of the Oregon Star party.

You're the puppet: Breitbart attacks Trump's Afghanistan proposals

You're the puppet: Breitbart attacks Trump's Afghanistan proposalsOne Breitbart editor described Donald Trump’s announcement of troop increases in Afghanistan as a reversion ‘to the same old fare that Americans had voted to reject in November’. Breitbart News issued a scathing response to Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan, accusing the president of becoming little more than a puppet of generals in the White House after he pledged to boost troop levels to try to counter the growing strength of al-Qaida and Taliban fighters.

WATCH: 16-Foot Great White Shark Circles Fisherman’s Boat

WATCH: 16-Foot Great White Shark Circles Fisherman’s BoatThe great white hung around for about a half hour, stealing fish from the area.

Vehicle rams into bus shelters in Marseille kills one

Vehicle rams into bus shelters in Marseille kills oneA man who rammed a car into two bus shelters in southern France on Monday, killing at least one person, was known to police for minor crimes and had psychological issues, a police source said.

Guy falls into a giant sinkhole because he was too busy looking at his phone

Guy falls into a giant sinkhole because he was too busy looking at his phoneLet this be a lesson to us all. A man riding a scooter was going down a street in the Chinese city of Guangxi, when a massive sinkhole suddenly opened up ahead of him. SEE ALSO: Giant sinkhole appears overnight, swallows 25 tonnes of fish His arm up, looking at his cell phone, he remains oblivious to the scene and carries on driving — until he falls right in. Here's the moment it happened: Large sinkhole forms in Guangxi early Thursday. Scooter driver doesn't see it in time, launches right into it (driver OK). — People's Daily,China (@PDChina) August 18, 2017 According to Chinese reports, the man was uninjured and managed to climb out of the pit, which measured two metres (6 ft) deep, eight metres long (26 ft) and five meters (16 ft) wide. While sinkholes don't usually open in the middle of the road for no reason, it's been happening more in rapidly urbanising parts of China, where extensive roadworks shifts the soil underneath the asphalt. Authorities have yet to offer an official reason for the sinkhole. But users on Chinese social media website Weibo had little sympathy for the rider. "He's using a phone while riding a scooter. Sorry I really have no sympathy," said one user. "It's fine if you walk on the sidewalk while using your phone but this is too much, it's so dangerous," another chipped in. "What the heck was he thinking playing with his phone while riding?" one asked. Well one thing's for sure, he probably won't be using his phone while driving again for a long time. WATCH: Three construction innovations that will change the way we build

Spain suspect admits terror cell planned bigger attack

Spain suspect admits terror cell planned bigger attackAn alleged member of the terror cell that unleashed carnage in Spain last week admitted to a judge Tuesday that he and other suspects had planned a bigger attack, a judicial source said. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, 21, was the first of four surviving suspects to be questioned in Madrid's National Court, which deals with terror-related cases, over the attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort that claimed 15 lives and wounded more than 100 people. The Spaniard was injured in an accidental explosion at a makeshift bomb factory on Wednesday evening that killed an imam, Abdelbaki Es Satty, thought to have radicalised him and other young suspects.

Sheriff: 2 elderly couples in NC killed while playing cards

Sheriff: 2 elderly couples in NC killed while playing cardsENFIELD, N.C. (AP) — Four elderly North Carolina people found shot to death after an apparent home invasion were killed while they played cards, a sheriff said Tuesday.

Cambodia PM orders English-language newspaper to pay taxes or close

Cambodia PM orders English-language newspaper to pay taxes or closeCambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen denounced the media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the United States on Tuesday, amid growing government impatience with criticism ahead of a general election next year. Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia for more than three decades and has shown no signs of any willingness to relinquish power. Hun Sen directed much of his anger at the English-language Cambodia Daily newspaper, saying it had to pay taxes accrued over the past 10 years by Sept. 4 or face closure.

How to take pictures of a solar eclipse with your smartphone

How to take pictures of a solar eclipse with your smartphoneAsolar eclipse can make for a stunning photograph and at this year's great eclipse, among the hundreds of professional photographers vying for the best shots, there will be thousands of onlookers trying to get a picture with their smartphone. The Great American Eclipse will take place today, but there will be people all over the world trying to take the perfect picture of the solar event. Although we won't see a perfect alignment in the UK, we will be able to see a partial eclipse (where the Moon covers only a part of the Sun). If you want to try and get a picture of this or future eclipses, here are some tips to get the best results. Great American eclipse, in pictures How to photograph the solar eclipse Getting a great shot of a solar eclipse is something expert photographers can take years to master, travelling the world to secure the best images.  Top photographers will use powerful cameras fitted to telescopes to get the best shots, attaching sun filters so as not to ruin their camera (or their eyes) when preparing the shot. But if, like many people, you plan to grab a picture of the eclipse using your smartphone there are some simple ways to improve the results. When observing the eclipse always wear protective glasses Credit: Reuters Choose your smartphone camera We don't suggest you buy a new smartphone just to photograph the eclipse, but some models will be particularly suited to taking a great picture of the eclipse. Apple's iPhone 7 has one of the best smartphone cameras out this year, while the Google Pixel was marketed as having one of the best smartphone cameras available on Android. Other great phone cameras include those on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5. The cameras on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Credit: Telegraph Find the best place to view the eclipse Sadly Brits won't get a total eclipse, unlike our friends in the US, but we will be treated to a partial eclipse, which will still be worth watching.  You will be able to photograph it in the UK, but make sure to always wear protective glasses as the Sun's light will never totally be covered by the Moon. The partial eclipse will be visible in parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from around 19:35 on August 21. For the best photos, make sure you're in a spot where there's no cloud and away from bright lights in the city. UK eclipse circumstances for August 21 2017 Prepare your phone and choose your settings You should practice taking pictures of the moon first to get the right distance before taking these steps to get the perfect shot, according to the Nasa space agency. Turn off flash and autofocus: Your phone will automatically try and focus on when you point it at the eclipse, which will ruin your shot as it tries to compensate for the light. Turn off autofocus and always turn off flash or you will ruin your shot, your dark vision and the viewing experience of others. Reduce exposure: On your Android smartphone or iPhone there are ways to reduce exposure to control the amount of light reaching the lens. You will want to slide the exposure down to improve the quality of pictures when focusing on the bright light around the sun. Attach a filter: This is important as it can stop your camera getting damaged. A filter will be needed if pointing the lens at the sun for a long period of time. This can be done by simple holding a pair of eclipse eyeglasses across the camera. "The best thing to do is to cover the camera lens with a solar filter during the moments before (and after) totality when the sunlight is still blinding," Nasa advises. "This will eliminate sun blooming and give you a clear image of the solar disk." Attach a lens: Rather than the relatively small amount of zoom you can achieve with a normal smartphone camera, using a lens will give you 12x to 18x the level of zoom you would normally expect. "At this magnification, the total solar eclipse will also look much nicer because you will be able to start to see details in the shape of the corona," Nasa says. Use a tripod: You can pick up a small but sturdy tripod for a little over £15 online. These can be attached to your smartphone and then placed on the ground or on a stable surface, while a timer can be set to take the photos. What creates a total solar eclipse How to reduce exposure on iPhone and Android Reducing exposure - limiting the amount of light that can come into your smartphone camera - is important to clear away all the excess light that will ruin the quality of your eclipse picture.  On an iPhone, tap the screen on the camera app. You will then see a small sun icon appear next to the area of focus, which can be dragged up or down to increase or decrease exposure. The same trick works on Android, although some phones have a "Pro Mode" where you can find the EV (exposure value) to manually change exposure. Use a smart photo app There are some great photography apps that can help you take an even better picture of the solar eclipse, if you are looking for something a little more advanced from your smartphone. You will also want to try and capture images in RAW, which will give you more detail than a normal Jpeg image. This can be done on some smartphones, others may require a specialist app, such as Manual or Snap Camera, to capture these more detailed pictures. The Manual camera app can provide better quality shots Credit: Manual Use a tripod and a lens To get a truly accurate shot of the eclipse, or for general night photography with your smartphone, it is worth investing in a tripod and a lens. The lens will offer superior zoom for your shot, while the tripod will help stablise the camera and reduce "noise" - or distortion - in your pictures. Joby GorillaPod One of the lightest and most versatile camera tripods around, the GorillaPod is perfect for angling your camera. The legs are easily manipulated and lock into place automatically. It can even use its long legs to wrap around poles or posts to provide different viewing angles. Price: £18.99 from Amazon Credit: Joby MPow Lens MPow's lens set is extremely simple to use for most normal smartphones. Simply clip the lens over the smartphone and you can add up to 20x zoom on your photos. This lens can be fitted to most smartphones. Price: £19.99 on Amazon Credit: MPow OlloClip Lens This lens for iPhones clips over the top of your phone and can be used on the dual camera iPhone 7 Plus. It can provide up to 15x zoom to provide a unique look at the eclipse. Price: £89.95 from Apple Credit: OlloClip Don't forget your viewing glasses These are the safest way of viewing the eclipse directly, other than through a telescope fitted with a professional filter. Eclipse viewers are made from card and inlaid with a special material that cuts the Sun's light down 100,000 times. Make sure to check for holes or scratches as it is only safe if undamaged. Above all, don't waste too much time trying to score the perfect social media photo. If you are lucky enough to see the full eclipse, make sure you get a good look before trying to grab an Instagram picture. Total solar eclipse 2017: explainer  The Telegraph makes a small amount of money by adding affiliate links to products mentioned in this article, however all products are picked independently by our journalists.

Woman Dies After Falling Off Balcony While Laughing Hard

Woman Dies After Falling Off Balcony While Laughing HardSharon Ciferno fell about 20 feet after losing her balance while sitting on the wall of a deck, which acted as a backless seat, her brother said.

Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a 'major gift to the right'

Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a 'major gift to the right'Noam Chomsky has launched into an attack on the anti-fascist movement and argued its actions are wrong in principle and it is a “major gift to the right”. Antifa, shorthand for anti-fascist organisations, refers to a loose coalition of militant, decentralised, grassroots groups which are opposed to the far-right. The movement, which was founded in Europe in the 1920s, has dominated headlines in the wake of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville earlier this month.

North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted: U.N. report

North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted: U.N. reportTwo North Korean shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country's chemical weapons program were intercepted in the past six months, according to a confidential United Nations report on North Korea sanctions violations.

Whale Spotted Swimming In Shallow Waters Off Cape Cod Coast

Whale Spotted Swimming In Shallow Waters Off Cape Cod CoastThe baby whale spotted swimming close to the shore was emaciated and very skinny, authorities said.

White Farmers Sue Zimbabwe President Over Land Seizures

White Farmers Sue Zimbabwe President Over Land SeizuresThe U.S. and other Western donors put heavy sanctions on Zimbabwe after the controversial seizures, during which several white farmers were killed.

Barcelona attacker stabbed man to death during escape: police

Barcelona attacker stabbed man to death during escape: policeBy Angus Berwick BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spain asked the rest of Europe to join the hunt for a young man thought to have been the driver in last week's deadly van attack in Barcelona as police said on Monday that he had also hijacked a car and killed its occupant during his escape. After driving at high speed into crowds on the city's famous avenue Las Ramblas last Thursday, killing 13 people, the suspected Islamist militant fled on foot and then hijacked the car as it was being parked, stabbing the driver to death, police said. The suspect, Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, then drove the hijacked car through a police checkpoint, police said.

Stone Mountain another (huge) test for Confederate symbols

Stone Mountain another (huge) test for Confederate symbolsSTONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (AP) — The huge raised-relief images show a Confederate trinity sitting astride their horses, high above the ground. Hats held across their chests, President Jefferson Davis and Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson ride across the face of Stone Mountain into faded glory.

Erdogan says top Turkish general must accept demotion

Erdogan says top Turkish general must accept demotionPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday warned a top Turkish general who played a key role in defeating last year's failed coup and led a cross-border operation in Syria that he must accept a surprise demotion without rancour. In a rare show of tension between the military and Erdogan, Turkish media reported that Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakalli had wanted to resign from the armed forces after he was moved from special forces chief to a less significant position. Whatever task is assigned, a soldier goes and fulfils their duty there," Erdogan said after Aksakalli was assigned as commander of the army's 2nd Corps, based on the Gallipoli peninsula in northwestern Turkey.

This weatherman's reaction to the solar eclipse is adorable

This weatherman's reaction to the solar eclipse is adorableMonday's total solar eclipse was akin to a meteorologist's Super Bowl — a fact that was certainly not lost on one Chicago weatherman. SEE ALSO: The 2017 solar eclipse is finally here Tom Skilling, chief meteorologist for WGN-TV, travelled to Carbondale, Ill. to view the solar eclipse in its path of totality, (his first solar eclipse, btw) and his reaction was truly precious. Behold: TEARS OF JOY: Tom Skilling got a little emotional during his cover of the eclipse. We feel you, Tom. @Skilling #SolarEclipse2017 — WGN TV News (@WGNNews) August 21, 2017 "I'll get my act together guys," a choked up Skilling told viewers through tears. He even hugged and high-fived fellow eclipse watchers, and led a chorus of "Here Comes the Sun." If that doesn't melt your ice cold heart, honestly nothing will.  Twitter loved the meteorologist's pure reaction so much, he was even trending Monday. Only thing better than an eclipse is Tom Skilling during an eclipse — Nate Photikarmbumrug (@NatePhotikarm) August 21, 2017 god bless Tom Skilling — Jack Mannix (@JackMannix00) August 21, 2017 You and I will never love anything as much as Tom Skilling loves the weather. — Matt Lindner (@mattlindner) August 21, 2017 Get you a weather man that cries over a solar eclipse. Love you Tom Skilling ♥️ — Dede Smith (@Doubledeedsters) August 21, 2017 There is so sweeter bond than the one between a boy and his eclipse. Tom Skilling & #solareclipse2017 BFF. — T.R. Morley (@TheRealMorley) August 21, 2017 Love yourself as much as Tom Skilling loves the eclipse. — Jasmine (@runflamingo) August 21, 2017 Tom Skilling is the only meteorologist I trust and he must be protected at all costs — Diane C. (@diantics) August 21, 2017 I feel like this is the day Tom Skilling has been training for his whole life. — Kim Duncan (@kimduncan) August 21, 2017 Replace all statues with Tom Skilling — Brendan (@Brendo18) August 21, 2017 Skilling told fellow Carbondale eclipse watchers he would be back for the next one in 2024. Here's hoping Skilling's reaction will be equally as priceless. WATCH: We won't always have total solar eclipses in the future. Here's why

KKK Leader Tells Afro-Latina Journalist He'll 'Burn' Her Out Of His Property

KKK Leader Tells Afro-Latina Journalist He'll 'Burn' Her Out Of His PropertyIlia Calderón recently came face to face with an imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The Afro-Colombian journalist interviewed Christopher Barker, the leader of the Loyal White Knights, as part of Univision’s Sunday show “Aquí y Ahora.” During the news program, producer María Martínez explained she had told Barker “a Hispanic woman of color” would be conducting the interview and he accepted. During the interview, Barker told Calderón that she was the first black person to ever set foot on his property.

The stray dogs of Chernobyl

The stray dogs of ChernobylAn estimated 900 stray dogs live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, many of them likely the descendants of dogs left behind following the mass evacuation of residents in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear disaster. Volunteers, including veterinarians and radiation experts from around the world, are participating in an initiative called the Dogs of Chernobyl, launched by the nonprofit Clean Futures Fund. Participants capture the dogs, study their radiation exposure, vaccinate them against parasites and diseases including rabies, tag the dogs and release them again into the exclusion zone.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell 'doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration'

Republican leader Mitch McConnell 'doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration'The top Republican in the Senate is said to be privately questioning whether Donald Trump can “salvage” his administration and has reportedly not spoken to the President for weeks. The cold relationship between Mr Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could threaten the Republican legislative agenda, which is already months behind schedule. Members of the party face several urgent deadlines when they return to Washington next month, and Mr Trump has still not secured a major legislative victory since being inaugurated in January.

Uber Ride Ends In Video Of Ramapage

Uber Ride Ends In Video Of RamapageThis Uber ride ended in disaster.

More Than 2 Dozen Puppies Found in a Hot Van: 'They Were Literally on Top of Each Other'

More Than 2 Dozen Puppies Found in a Hot Van: 'They Were Literally on Top of Each Other'The puppies were severely dehydrated after their ordeal.

'Tired of Flesh,' Cannibal Hands Himself In

'Tired of Flesh,' Cannibal Hands Himself InWhen questioned, he produced parts of a human leg and a hand.

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