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Jun 16, 2014

Rescue 3 is a 2012 Ford E350 PL Custom Ambulance.  Rescue 3 is the primary rescue out of central station for medical calls.  All Ambulances also carry firefighting equipment and respond to fire related calls as well.  Rescue 3 carries a full complement of Advanced Life Support Equipment such as but not limited to IV Equipment including an IV Pump, Cardiac Monitoring Equipment, Advanced Airway Equipment, and a variety of other support equipment.



Jun 16, 2014

Rescue 1 is a 2008 Ford E-350 PL Custom Ambulance.  It is the second ambulance used for calls when the primary rescue is on a call. 


Mar 02, 2006

Engine 4

It is a 2013 Pierce Impel, 1500 GPM/1000 gal tank.  It is the lead engine out of Central and is staffed with one operator and the shift captain.  Engine 4 carries a compliment of BLS EMS Equipment in addition to its full compliment of fire equipment.  Engine 4 has many technology advances including its suspension system, foam system, and lighting package.   


Mar 02, 2006

Mar 02, 2006

Engine 2 is the first due engine out of Central Station.  It is a 2001 E1 Cyclone.  It has a 1250 gpm Hale pump and carries 1000 gallons of water.  It is also equipped with an around the pump Class B foam proportioner.

                                       Staffing is 1 Captain and 2 Firefighters

            Engine 2.jpg

Mar 02, 2006

Engine 3 is a 2005 E1 Cyclone II.  It is first due in the South Sanford district.  It was delivered in October 2005, and  placed in service on January 12, 2006.  It is the first Engine in the Sanford Fire Department to be equipped with Class A foam, and also carries a Williams Class B foam system.  It has a 6kw hydraulic generator and a Nightscan floodlight system on the cab roof.  The pump is a 1250 gpm Hale, and like all Sanford engines, carries an AED and ice water rescue equipment.

                                        Staffing is 1 Lieutenant and 1 Firefighter

            engine 3.jpg
Mar 02, 2006

Engine 6 is a 1988 International/KME 1000gpm/500gal pumper with all wheel drive.  It is the first due forestry piece out of Springvale and is also used for rural water supply operations outside the hydrant district.  When needed it fills in as a reserve engine.

          Engine-Forestry 6.jpg
Mar 02, 2006

Aug 30, 2008


                                                                                             Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a 2002 PL Custom Ambulance.  Rescue 2 is currently in reserve at South Sanford Station until it is needed. 


                                                                                      Rescue 2.jpg

Mar 02, 2006

                                Forestry 1 runs out of Springvale Station.  It is a 2003 Ford F-350 Pickup truck with a skid unit. 


Mar 02, 2006

Squad 1 is a 1985 International/KME.  Purchased in 1988 it is used primarily for fireground support operations.  It is equipped with a 5kw hydraulic generator, 4 cylinder cascade system, and structural firefighting tools.

       Squad 1.jpg
Aug 30, 2008




                                                                            Prevention 3.jpg

Mar 02, 2006

Jun 06, 2006

                                        Life Safety Trailer

fire prevention.jpg

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